Monday, December 12, 2011

November 13, 2011

20 minutes

10 minutes

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2 minutes

While I am motivated by the character of the pose, I can see my drawings are more about the forces and physical mechanics of the model's body. I like to draw what the model is doing and how he accomplishes the pose. Even when I approach the model's face, it most often has to do with the role the face plays in the direction and power of the forces operating through the entire pose. Looking at Rob's drawings from his previous post, I think he is responding to a delicacy in Jess's expression and how that delicacy manifests throughout the pose. My first response to the top drawing was "it's beautiful and captures a softness that I never seem to get but, I wish he had drawn her feet." 

I say this, not as criticism but, as an effort to identify my own shortcomings (or reliance on my own comforts) and to challenge myself to reach further into the meaning of the pose as Rob has done.

These drawings are from a workshop at CalArts lead by Phil Rynda. Watching Phil draw and hearing him talk about his effort to find the emotional center of the pose by first and foremost establishing the model's face as the foundation from which the entire pose is motivated, coupled with Rob's drawings, has me reevaluating my own approach. 


  1. Funny, John. I too have been reevaluating my drawing process based on seeing how unbelievably resolved your drawings are. Amazing what seeing other people's drawing will do. I'll try to post some of these "new" drawings when I have some - it ain't going to be pretty though.

  2. Great Rob, I look forward to it. Over the years, I've allowed my drawing to become more an exploitation of caricature to make some kind of hyperbolic statement about energy. I didn't wont to hold back and abandoned a certain amount of caution in my line. I'll never lose that side of my drawing I guess, but I don't want to operate on auto-pilot either.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hey, just came across your blog. Great stuff. Are you posting anywhere else/still drawing? High focus drawing book is near impossible to find :-(