Friday, November 18, 2011

more October 9, 2011

These are probably 5 minute poses. Unresolved as usual. I'll speed up as I progress but right now, my brain and my hand are moving slower than necessary. Looking at these now I can see where I needed to go and have indicated in red some of my thought process. In the drawing on the right, the relationship between his feet (particularly his toes) and the position and weight of his head was most important for me. I'll proceed through the drawing by first identifying what is most interesting or dramatic in the pose and then using my time trying to figure out how he does it. It's a standing pose so, obviously his legs are important. I know that sounds stupid to say that but, I like to use the drawing to investigate the specifics of the operation of the legs and the particular way they are working to stand in this pose. With the weight of the head moving forward, how do the legs and feet need to work to support the pose.

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