Friday, November 25, 2011


From the final session in this term's drawing workshop. The models have been amazing and I hope the program will continue in the Spring. This week's model was Peggy.


  1. Amazing, John! I really love how you've "found" her rib cage and describe it in relationship to her hips.

  2. Thanks Rob,
    It was precisely the rib cage and what it revealed about the entire pose that I was (again and again) so interested in. Peggy maintains such an incredible physique. She has the physical characteristics of a dancer or yoga devotee. Athletic but, not muscular. So, the turn in direction from her lower body to her upper body was evident in the "pokiness" of the bottom front of her rib cage.
    I'm trying to move quickly through to touch base with as much important information as I can. Too often I'm left with a drawing which clearly reveals my struggle but, not much else. I'm trying to discipline myself to move faster and make sense of the whole pose.