Monday, November 21, 2011

October 16, 2011

Parker is a wonderful model who mixes grace and sensuality with character in her poses. Many of the drawing workshops in the LA area are appropriately geared toward the artists working in the Entertainment Industry. It can often be quite fun to draw from the costumed model and use the pose as a springboard to experimentation and building your character design or storytelling skills. But, I prefer to use the time I have to study what the model is providing. I make a living drawing out of my head. If I have the rare opportunity to draw from a model, I'm going to take advantage of that opportunity. LA models will sometimes take absurd poses which appear as difficult to maintain as they are difficult to draw. I believe this is intended to create some kind of dramatic animation in the pose. I'm not sure. I am very happy with the difficulties presented to me with classic contrapuntal poses and often ask the model to take a pose as if they were waiting for a bus. For me, it isn't necessary to over-think or over-elaborate the drama of the pose. I'm quite happy to struggle through what some might consider "simple" or "boring" poses as there is inherently so much drama and complexity in the model's body already. I enjoy the time I have trying to understand what is in front of me and trying to make sense of my responses in the drawing. Here are some drawings of Parker's 2 minute and 4 minute poses from October 16.

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